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Chisinau, Republic of Moldova МD-2004

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Company COMELPRO specializes in the field of development of radio engineering systems and complexes of transfer and processing of the information.

The basic directions:

  • Radio engineering systems and complexes;
  • Information systems
  • Systems of automated management by complex objects
  • Technical telemetry systems
  • Telecommunications and control and diagnostic equipment
  • Subsystems and equipment for small spacecraft (SC);
  • Equipment for remote sensing of the Earth, including multispectral scanners
  • Secondary sources of power

According to customer requirements, we help draw up a technical project, performing system development, software development and technical advice. As a result, you get high-tech solutions "turnkey", prepared according to your individual needs and, most importantly, on time and within your budget. The company COMELPRO produces test equipment using modern technologies, element base of industrial performance, miniaturization and integrated methods of digital signal processing algorithms. The use of contactless modes of transmission of energy and measuring information enables you to place our equipment directly per rotor engine and measurements at the speed of rotation of up to 50000 rpm.

The company COMELPRO proposes the following measuring multichannel systems:

  • Tenzometric systems for measuring deformation blades turbojet engines and screw blades
  • Systems of measurement of temperature in various parts of the aviation engine
  • Systems for flight tests with a portable device measuring the accumulation and storage of information
  • Pyrometer for measuring temperatures blades non way
  • Measurement of vibrations and accelerations

These systems are characterized by high precision measurements, compactness, reliability and adapt to the harsh industrial conditions, the flexibility of software with international standard. Individually approach to each client allows us to create integrated systems adapted under a certain engine.We take into account the positive characteristics and difficulties of placement, and offer you a high-tech embedded systems with a flexible set of measurement channels.


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