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Complexes and products of technical monitoring

Complex of technical monitoring

Designed for collecting, processing, storing and transmission channel for wired (RS-485 interface) results measurement technology system.The complex provides forming output frame structure with bitrates to 1.6 Mbps, issuing a video output, accompanied by synchronized pulses, food datchikovoy appratury connected to the entrance complex.

Контрольно-измерительная система КИС1-1

Interface unit

Interface Unit (IU) is used for measuring information input from the control measuring device into the automated work station of the operator. Data input is done by the interface RS-485 according to the established control measuring devices format, and computer data transfer is done by the net interface «Ethernet». Data input speed is up to 25 Mb per sec.

The main technical characteristics. Download

Система контрольно-измерительная "АГАТ-500С"

Storage Device

Storage Device (SD) is used for input and memorizing in the nonvolatile  device of the control measuring data received during the flying tests. SD ensures the rotation gauges waveforms processing and  memorizing of the corresponding measuring data input. In the terrestrial conditions SD ensures the data transfer to the CWO for the following processing.  Device capacity is 10 Gb.
MD input/output is done by the interface RS-485.

Workstations sold as hardware - softswitch-based PCs. SD provides:

  • receiving and storing information from the measuring devices for reception of cable lines of up to 10 gigabytes;
  • reception and processing of information on speed motor shafts;
  • transfer metering information on SWO cable lines up to 25 m on the protocol RS-485, or up to 2 m on the bus USB2.

The main technical characteristics. Download

Система контрольно-измерительная АГАТ-АНТ


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