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Control Measuring Systems


Control Measuring System"CMS AGAT-500С"

System «CMS AGAT-500С» is used for gathering the measuring data in the test bench conditions from the strain and temperature gauges, installed in the different parts of the ТВ-500С engine, its transformation and transfer to the operator`s automated work station for the following processing. «CMD AGAT-500С» is unique and may be used with other types of engines. This device is characterized by the extended frequency rating (up to 40 kHz) of the dynamic deformation measuring waveforms, and is also designed for the engine rotation range up to 47 thousands revolutions per min.


Control Measuring System"CMS AGAT-ANT "

System «CMS AGAT-ANT»is used for gathering the measuring data in the flying conditions from the static and dynamic strain gages, installed in different parts of 2 helical groups of the air engine D-27, its transformation and transfer into the built-in storage device with the following processing and display in the terrestrial conditions at the operator `s automated working station. The storage device compiles the measuring data during 5 working hours.


Control Measuring System"CMS AGAT-L " 

System «CMS AGAT-L» is used  during the  flying tests of air turbojet. This device is used for gathering the measuring data from the strain gauges and AL-31F control shaft rotation speed, its transformation and transfer into the built-in storage device (SD) for storing in the nonvolatile memory and following output to the working station for processing and  display in the process of planning and products flying testing results handling.
The system "AGAT-L" is used in flight tests of aviation turbojet engine.


Control Measuring System"CMS AGAT-M "

System «CMS AGAT-M» is used for gathering the measuring data  from the strain  gauges, installed in AI-222 engine, its transformation and    transfer into the built-in storage device with the following processing  and display at the operator`s automated work station. The device ensures temporary measuring and storing of the control shaft rotation speed data. It works by the accumulator power supply.

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Interface unit

Interface Unit (IU) is used for measuring information input from the control measuring device into the automated work station of the operator. Data input is done by the interface RS-485 according to the established control measuring devices format, and computer data transfer is done by the net interface «Ethernet». Data input speed is up to 25 Mb per sec. 

Storage Device

Storage Device (SD) is used for input and memorizing in the nonvolatile device of the control measuring data received during the flying tests. SD ensures the rotation gauges waveforms processing and memorizing of the corresponding measuring data input. In the terrestrial conditions SD ensures the data transfer to the CWO for the following processing. Device capacity is 10 Gb. MD input/output is done by the interface RS-485.



Turnstiles-tripod (base version) electro-mechanical performance with the control panel and light indication of passage without power supply


Proximity - the reader with an exit-Touch Memory, in the shell (two execution street premises). LED functioning average distance reader see 3-5.
Controller Access Control



The controller access to connect 2 - x readers, without power supply and shells, two relay exit for the executive management devices. . Downloading code with the "master key". Indicators operation and voltage drop.

The program complex PC_Com1000_CS

Software for systems control and management-based access controller Con_com-01. Work with the database owners identifiers, job access restrictions, software modules display in real time on a PC screen photo of the owner passes, presentation at the point of passage.
Video Amplifiers


The set of amplifiers for transmission of video twisted-pair cable (12V; 30mA)



Thermobox special device, which is designed to protect video surveillance cameras from various types of external influences: dust, precipitation, humidity, hypothermia (from -20 to +50)

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