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Sistemul de control al accesului

Turnstiles Comel-01

Electromechanical turnstiles tripod-series "COMEL", is designed to manage flows of people on the premises and anadromous.Turnstiles managed with a remote control (PRC) and provides a pass in any of the two areas as one person or group of people. Under the terms of use electromechanical turnstiles group UHL 4.2 corresponds to GOST 15150-69.

The main technical characteristics Download

The controller access control

The controller access to connect 2 - x readers, without power supply and shells, two relay exit for the executive management devices. . Downloading code with the "master key". Indicators operation and voltage drop.

The main technical characteristicsDownload

The reader

Proximity - the reader with an exit-Touch Memory, in the shell (two execution street premises). LED functioning average distance reader see 3-5.

The main technical characteristics Download

The program complex PC_Com1000_CS

Software for systems control and management-based access controller Con_com-01. Work with the database owners identifiers, job access restrictions, software modules display in real time on a PC screen photo of the owner passes, presentation at the point of passage.

A brief description of the software PC_Com1000_CS Download


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